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Craig Shepard has been a financial advisor for over 20 years, but in the last 10 years our team has focused on financial planning for retirees and those approaching retirement. We coordinate Social Security benefits, pensions and survivorship issues, and retirement assets (IRAs, TSPs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, etc.) with lifetime income and tax planning strategies. The issues we tackle are more complex than simply helping one grow their retirement nest egg, as our clientele have unique needs requiring personalized attention. We want you to do what works best for your situation, so our first priority is to educate you on your options before we discuss your individual plan.

Our focus is on helping working families create lifetime income streams and strong retirement portfolios. By striving to help individuals protect their lifestyle and income, we want our clients to achieve added peace of mind and hopefully move toward retirement without undue stress.

Our retirement planning includes principal protection outside of market investments, income planning, and cash flow strategies. Also, we offer our clients a simple, yet powerful approach to help support hard-earned assets against market losses while still aiming to generate a consistent rate of return.

General Investment Philosophy

We want to help protect you and your finances from undue risk. One of the most important things we determine with each client is how much risk they should take, not how much they can take. We believe if we can calculate your risk tolerance based on your pension, Social Security, 401(k) assets, and so forth, we could help you prepare for reasonable inflation for years to come. Whatever your goals are, that’s what we want to help you achieve.

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